Feature Box Notes from Detroit

Rolling with StrokeNfold


Rolling with Strokenfold episode #1 

I drop into Astronomicon and talk it up with Blaze ya Dead Homie, we even have a little of the live performance with Twiztid. Jessie Camp  hits the streetz with me. Razor Ray found an Amazing product for weed smokers…Scarebears everyone needs one./ It’s the the Liquid Red fashion show and it’s all leather not much lace. Adam Arcana eats fire and holds a 50 pound ball  from his ears. DJ Psycho drops in..Rebecca Goldberg throws down a set with a little visual mix from yours truly. We got the Dankiest of Dank with Dankshark & the_nyhylist  and I hit you hard with some more visuals! We end it at Daly in the Alley with Dr. Tingle fingers and Tony Nova & Lightshow Bob …. We Rolling with Vj Strokenfold @blazeyadeadhomie Astronomicon LiquidRedlv Elton Litzner Nikademus Jiggi Krause Dezi Magby Scarebears Ray Reyes Luna Devise Victor Moon Jimi Custer Michael Bugard