Notes from Detroit

Fury Road to Thunderdome

Tickets on sale now:

Fury Road to Thunderdome 2019 DROPZONE.
The Mad Max cosplay event! Celebrating 40 years of the Road Warrior.

The annual gathering is one of the most complex and largest theatrical Mad Max cosplay events in the tri-state area!
It is a night of lights, fights and primal rage that will set the heart racing. It features War Wagons, War Bikes, War Boys and War Girls uniting for royal cage fighting, bloody roller battles and high octane mayhem. Live music, eclectic performers and an apocalyptic art gallery and vicious vendors will be showcased.

This year is the 40th anniversary of the movie that started it all, Mad Max!!

Sponsored by:
Time Warp Vintage
Red Pen Studios
Camarillo Creations

Tickets on sale now:

Vending & Sponsorships:
Contact Sue Static for more info at

2019 performers:

Circle the Crown
Mouth sown shut

War Daddy

Live performances
Marie “X” Tasy
Kitty Paige
Alexa Rae

DJ Scout (Meryl)
Dark Choir

Time Warp Vintage
Mary’s Monstrosities
Sondra’s Creepy Dolls
Rich H. Creations
Tabzilla Designs
Act Fig Photography
Plug Uglie Art/Glass
Leather Lew

Food vending by:
Monster Foods


St. Regis