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Tune in TwosDaze is a live Television program which broadcasts worldwide on Tuesday nights from 9pm-11pm. Tune in TwosDaze begins it’s TV show with news of events happening in Detroit and throughout the surrounding areas.

Tune in TwosDaze highlights what is going on at bars, clubs, community, events, festivals, galleries, movies, restaurants, storefronts and theaters.

Tune in TwosDaze reaches both a local and international audience looking to find out what is going on.

Tune in TwosDaze broadcasts live Tuesday nights from 9pm-11pm viewers can watch us on CH313.TV, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter ( Periscope) and Twitch. The segment is recorded and then placed up on Internet TV channel CH313.TV and all its social sites.

Have your event news read on Tune in TwosDaze with a viewership of 10,000 weekly viewers and growing. Have your event broadcasted local and worldwide on Tune in TwosDaze news segment.

Tune in TwosDaze news read packages.

Package One: 30 Second News Read

Includes logo/event graphic

Name of event

Artists on event bill


Website / Facebook /Ticket info